Monday, July 12, 2010


Hi all and welcome to Eat at J's!  I hope you find this blog in good humor, form and taste as you follow along with me in all of my journeys through life.  Please read often, laugh often, and respond when you feel like it.  I love writing and this blog provides me an outlet to share whats brewing in my head with the entire world!  I began blogging some time last year on my own site entitled JJ's Journeys, however, a server crash ended that venture.  It's probably for the best anyway as that site allowed me to blog for money, which was one of my biggest reasons for starting it in the first place.  I quickly found that blogging for money was the wrong reason to be writing and it kind of took the fun out of it.  Now, I have taken the Blogspot, or Blogger, route to share my thoughts and I am going at it with a completely different approach than I did previously.  Now, there is no pressure, no money involved, and no commitment!  It's exactly what a frustrated and busy writer like me needs!

So, I sincerely hope you enjoy what I will be offering here and I hope that you visit often.  Feel free to give me any feedback or suggestions along the way.  Most likely I will read your comments, process them, then discard them as nonsense and do my own thing anyway, but I will definitely appreciate it in the process!  Thanks in advance and happy reading!